Comcast’s Broadband Earning Soar High Than Ever Before, Customers Crossing Their Monthly Caps

Comcast mentioned that a minority of its prospects approach the limits of the 1TB data caps in their house internet plans; however, that number is rising. In a recent meet with investors, Comcast mentioned that its median prospects are utilizing 200GB of their 1TB data limit a month, thanks to streaming video.

In the last couple of years, Comcast rolled out data limits to prospects — first restricting users to 300GB per month in 2015, and raising that limit to 1TB per month in 2016. Before, Comcast mentioned, “over 99% of our users don’t come close to utilizing a terabyte,” with most utilizing about 6% each month, and when they cross the limit, they need to pay an additional charge — $10 per 50GB used.

However, that was precisely two years ago — the demand for streaming video has grown effectively since then. Prospects have extra options to stream the highest quality video, whereas firms like Google and Microsoft have introduced streaming gaming services. According to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, “our prospects’ demand for speed and data utilization keeps growing,” and the “median utilization for our enterprise is over 200 gigabytes, and that is growing at 34% every year within the quarter.”


 That development is earning Comcast a considerable chunk of money. CFO and the Senior Executive Michael Cavanagh featured in its earnings naming the broadband “the boost of development for our Cable enterprise,” and noted that “Residential high-speed web revenue was once again the most important contributor to total Cable development, rising 10% to $4.6 billion.”

200GB a month continues to be a good distance away from that 1TB cap, nevertheless it was a substantial soar from 60GB a month a few years ago, and that probably signifies that much more prospects are meeting or exceeding that data limit, though Comcast didn’t reveal that figure in its meeting.  Ars Technica observed earlier this year; it discovered that 4.1% of households hit their limit, a hop of 2.1% from the past year

That quantity is probably going to rise, provided that Comcast plans to launch its streaming service. Roberts featured that regardless of the competitors between corporations like Amazon, Disney, and Netflix, streaming video “is more friend than foe, and we want each bit as our bit.”

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