Google Thinks It’s ‘Infeasible’ To Add Scrolling Screen Shot Feature to Stock Android

One of many reasons Stock Android has a couple of followers outside of hard-core fanatics is that it’s woefully feature-starved. It isn’t unusual for Google to ‘borrow’ particular characteristics which have been tried and examined by OEMs akin to Samsung and Xiaomi. It is just a subject of time before Stock Android customers start asking that some options that are already available on different OEM’s gadgets be baked into the OS.

While Google does its finest to accommodate among the specs into a future launch of Android—for instance, Android Q is touted to ship with display screen recording capabilities—customers nonetheless have to depend on third-party apps to carry out one thing as mundane as taking a scrolling screenshot. They’re helpful as they will let you record a dialog, webpage and different content that may otherwise require multiple screenshots, in a single picture. It’s particularly beneficial for sharing long-winded conversations that may lose context if the file order gets tousled.

A year ago, a user on the Google Product Forums (GPF) recommended that the corporate introduce a feature to take Scrolling Screenshots in a future Android launch. Nothing came of the thread, until when a staff member said that it would be ‘infeasible.’ The staff member doesn’t state why, and it’s anybody’s guess as to why Google would take that approach.

Different OEMs akin to Samsung, Honor, OnePlus and Xiaomi have had a scrolling screenshot feature since a long time. The know-how exists, and it’s not like Google lacks the intelligence and tools to provide customers what they desire. There are third-party apps similar to Long Shot that may do the trick; however, users must not depend on those unless direly needed. Possibly Google excluded it from Android Q as a result of the OS is too far into improvement. Let’s hold our fingers crossed for Android R. or perhaps Android S. It’s difficult to speculate, at this stage.

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