Samsung’s Delay in Release of Samsung Fold Causes Mayhem, Customers Worry About Arrival

After Samsung postponed the release of the Galaxy Fold, there are many hanging questions. However, for many who preordered the gadget and aren’t put off by all of the drama in regards to the screens breaking, the most critical concern must be about the arrival.

AT&T has been emailing prospects one potential reply — June 13th. That’s following a bunch of screenshots we’ve seen on Twitter and Reddit. The screenshots are legit; however, that doesn’t imply that the date is. Samsung has not yet made any updates on the timing. We’ve reached out to AT&T and were informed the corporate didn’t have any comment.

It’s possible that the June 13th date is only a placeholder. Perhaps AT&T’s systems required a particular period to maintain the preorders alive, and the computer wouldn’t process entry of “at any time when Samsung finishes its diagnostics” in that specific information entry field.

If the June 13th date seems to have been merely a guess, it’s an unhealthy look for AT&T to have dispatched only a bunch of consumers that e-mail without more context. The necessity for the e-mail may very well be associated to this copy about “federal rules require us to achieve your acceptance of the brand new transport date(s),” however that makes it more critical that AT&T disclose more details about what’s going on. Arduous as it might be to imagine, some clients may not be caught up on what has been happening with the Galaxy Fold and its display.

It’s all very lucid; however, that lack of clarity isn’t entirely shocking. Postponing the release of a cellphone so close to its official delivery date is bound to trigger some confusion.

In the meantime, Reuters has reported that Samsung is accumulating all of the analysis units it has distributed so far. Probably Samsung desires to forestall any additional reports of damaged screens. At the very least one new story of a bulge rising between the hinge and the flexible display popped up today from Michael Fisher. That makes for a complete of three review units which have had bumps seem in between the screen and the hinge.

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