Squirrel AI China Aims to Provide Adaptive Learning Through AI & Big Data

Among all the fields where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could benefit the most, schooling can be the furthest reaching – as well as the most equal.

As many industries impacted by AI, have explored how artificial intelligence will augment lecturers’ current abilities, rather than completely eradicating it. Speaking to McKinsey last year, Jennifer Rexford, a computer science professor at Princeton College, noted that when you flip the question, then social expertise and creativity are essential remaining concerns.

“Machines may behave in ways which seem creative; however, they are discovered of exhaustive enumeration and analysis of the underlying information,” stated Rexford. “It’s not born of that spark of creativity.

Not each schooling system is the same. Take China for example. It’s the most extensive schooling system on the planet – however, as per one firm, it isn’t entirely equal. “There is top quality schooling, nevertheless high-quality lecturers are rare,” explains Dr. Wei Cui, partner at Squirrel AI Learning. “One in a million; it is very costly to employ extra efficient lecturers – particularly for a personalized schooling plan.”

Squirrel AI focuses on offering ‘adaptive learning’ for students throughout all areas and cities in China by utilizing artificial intelligence and big data evaluation techniques. As each student has his or her capability for studying, the corporate argues, current linear educating strategies aren’t much effective. Therefore, a personalized plan, which assesses a student’s level of learning, then focuses entirely on their weaknesses.

The corporate’s award-winning solution – it picked up the Bloomberg Businessweek Business Innovation Award of 2018 earlier this month – is now used across nearly 300 cities in China, with 200 study centers. ‘Let every student have an AI super teacher’ is the corporate’s tag line.

“Each student can study at their tempo,” explains Wei. “The students can have their customized study materials and learning path. Our system is to enhance students’ studying effectivity.

“For instance, [if] each student needs to spend two hours on their homework, utilizing our system’s high-efficiency students simply need to take about a half-hour – that’s it.” The egalitarian nature of the product focuses on bridging the gap for schooling in China by both money and gender.

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