Technology can cause severe damage to one’s security is not regulated- Apple CEO

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO recommended today that for a person to have their information protected, technology must be regulated by the federal government. “All of us have to be intellectually honest, and we have to confess that what we’re doing isn’t working,” Tim said at the Time 100 Summit today in New York. “Expertise must be controlled. There have been many instances where the no rails have resulted in terrific damage to society.”

He pointed to Europe’s stringent GDPR data privacy rules for instance that US lawmakers might slowly adapt while suggesting that Europe might proceed to improve on these guidelines as well. “Europe is more likely to provide you with something. GDPR is a step in the precise course,” Tim added.

Tim also says Apple is also accountable for updating information privacy for users — a subject that’s not too long ago the company adopted as its marketing strategy as well. “We can’t wait for the US government to resolve all of our issues,” he stated. He additionally informed that “Apple doesn’t have a PAC [political action committee],” which means a company that helps fund political candidates and their campaigns. “Apple’s most likely the one firm, or one of few, I’d assume that doesn’t have a PAC. I refuse to have one since it shouldn’t exist.”

Tim says he believes individual donations are transparent than a PAC, saying that he makes donations to causes he believes in. As one instance, he described how 300-plus Apple staff had been allowed to remain in the US due to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, and as the CEO, he publicly supported these people.

Tim was additionally requested about research that showed how masses tap on their mobile screens thousands of times a day. He replied humorously, “Properly, you shouldn’t be doing that.” He later added, “If you happen to take a look at your cell phone more than you do people eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing. We don’t need people using their cell phones all the time. This has by no means been a motive for us.”

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