Telecom Companies in Texas Commit to Rural Broadband Development

From the Gulf Coast to the open regions of West Texas, connecting communities with a voice and excessive-speed data connectivity is significant to Texas’ future in a developing digital world.

Through many years of spending millions in miles of network infrastructure crisscrossing the state, Texas telecom firms are making evident progress in increasing access to voice and high-speed data — to probably the most inaccessible areas.

In 2017, Texas legislatures approved laws to verify rural Texans reap the advantages of high-quality communications to support training, hospitals, commerce, first responders, border safety and consumers.

Nonetheless, we still have far to go to shut the digital divide between city and rural areas to verify all Texans have access to a loud voice and high-speed data providers and secure the advantages from the 21st-century digital economy — no matter where they reside or work.

Because the Texas Legislature considers numerous bills meant to broaden the supply of broadband in rural areas, it is essential to preserve an enterprise atmosphere that promotes free and honest markets to encourage continued funding and drive economic development.

Rural Texas is vital to the future of Texas. With over 3.2 million populaces, Texas has the most critical rural population in the USA. Almost 85% of Texas land is considered rural, encompassing 142 million acres throughout 172 of the state’s 254 counties.

Every year, rural industries akin to agriculture, forestry, hunting and oil, and gas production chip in over $200 billion to the state’s GDP.

About 72% of Texans in rural areas have access to broadband at speeds standard of 25 megabits per second to obtain data and three megabits per second to upload information, following the FCC’s 2018 Broadband Deployment Report. Total, 93.4% of Texans — or 27.764 million — have access to broadband, in line with the FCC report.

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