UK Trains Alexa, Google Assistant to Provide Voice-Based Digital Services

With the increasing acceptance of smart voice back system powered by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the UK has been working to coach Google Assistant and Alexa to precisely present data to its citizen.

“For the previous six months, a small staff of specialists from the Government Digital Service has been engaged on a trial challenge to permit people to access data from GOV.UK without using a computer keyboard,” according to an official assertion.

Every time, you ask one thing to Google or Alexa, like what’s the National Emblem of the US or something else, each the voice assistant searches internet pages for solutions.

Now, these internet pages may not be at all times dependable. So, the UK’s Government Digital Service thought it would be a great project to coach both these assistants with “12,000 data pieces” from GOV.UK website.

“We wish to simplify the general public’s interactions with the government, making information clear and easy to access. These outcomes are promising as a result of voice services is usually a reliable method to find information, particularly for individuals who find computer systems and telephones cumbersome to use,” stated Jennifer Allum, the chief of GOV.UK in an announcement.

With this challenge, the general public can anticipate correct replies to questions like ‘When is the next election?’ or ‘How do I apply for a new passport?’ or ‘How do I get free childcare?’. The workforce has trained Google Assistant and Alexa on 12,000 such questions.

“That is all about making life simpler for individuals who have to access details about government services. And with millions now moving towards voice search, I would like authorities to keep up and work smarter too,” stated minister for implementation, Oliver Dowden.

Going ahead, the staff can be working on offering solutions to slightly complicated questions like ‘renewing automobile tax’ and even ‘finding out details about how to get married’ in the UK.

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