Verizon Collaborates with Google to Introduce YouTube TV to Its Prospects

Verizon is collaborating with Google to introduce YouTube TV to its international users. Customers will now be able to subscribe to YouTube TV via Verizon and get access to their favorite content material. The collaboration will additionally enable Verizon wireless mobility prospects to stream the videos, which they like more. For prospects throughout platforms, Verizon will also offer distinctive and high-value YouTube TV promotions.

“As we pave the trail ahead on 5G, we’ll proceed to deliver our prospects choices and access to premium content material by teaming up with the best service provider in the business and exchanging our network as-a-service strategy,” commented Erin McPherson, head of content strategy and acquisition at Verizon. “We were first on the planet to introduce commercial 5G to our clients, and now one other first in the content material field as we offer our prospects access to YouTube TV on any platform they select.”

Heather Rivera, global head of product partnerships at YouTube, added: “With this collaboration, we’re making it easy and seamless for Verizon’s prospects to enroll to enjoy YouTube TV on-the-go on their cellphones or tablets or at home on their huge screen gadgets.”

Moreover, Nokia with its patent-pending 5G digital testing environment is attempting to make 5G deployments extra cost-efficient; also quick. The agency is working together with operators to simulate significant MIMO antenna beamforming efficiency by merging physical testing with a leading edge digital environment. Within the 5G assessment lab, which is situated in Oulu, Finland, Nokia combines a unique physical OTA assessment environment with VR to check and confirm the optimal site locations of the antennas for operators.

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